Video Game Hall Of Fame!

Senior Capstone

Senior Capstone Project

This game was created for the NHTI Capstone Project

Click HERE to download the Windows Installer for this game!

  • 4 Player Local Co-Op
  • Gamepad Controlls
  • 2D and 3D Elements Combined for art style
  • Created Gameboard AI so 4 present people needed to play

Abandon Space Station

This game was created for the NHTI Fall 2014 Game Jam!

Solve puzzles inside a space station to find the station's great secret!

Click HERE to download the Windows Installer for this game!

  • Mouse controllers camera movement
  • WASD Movmenent
  • Left Mouse to interact with Objects
  • Space Bar to Jump / Left Shit to Sprint

Genesis Of Ymir

Genesis Of Ymir

2D Space Shooter created for a AG 131 Final Project

Play Three Different Game Modes As you fight your way to victory!

Click HERE to download the Windows Installer for this project!

  • XNA Visual Studios Project
  • Three Different Game Modes
  • Saved High Scores (Local)
  • Play Single-Player Or Multi-Player

Fortress Raid

Fortress Raid

2D Platformer created for a Flash Final Project

  • First ever game project fully worked on!
  • Two Man Project
  • All Content Created By Myself
  • Multi Level Game

Base Assault

HTML5 Canvas Prototype with CreateJS!

This was my HTML5 Canvas Prototype with CreateJS Library! I was given two weeks to create a game, so I created a game called Base Assault!

Click the image to play the game online!

Cool Features:

  • Menu Selections for ease of play (Including a Pause Game Mode)
  • Side Scrolling World
  • Power Ups for helping player win!


JavaScript Prototype

This was my JavaScript Prototype! We were given one Weekend to create this project, and with that I went and created a web version of Jeopardy!

Click the image to play the game online!

How To Play:

  • Click Stage Buttons to Advance through the menus
  • When the Game Board is on the screen, left click which category you wish to choose from
  • When prompted with a trivia questions, answer via the submit button, or hit the enter key


Unity 4.5 Prototype!

This was my Unity 4.5 Prototype! We were given one week to create this project, so I went with a 2D space invader game.

Click the image to play the game online!

How To Play:

  • Move the mouse around the screen to rotate the gun turret at the bottom left of the page. It follows your mouse!
  • Left Mouse Click to Shoot Bullets
  • Right Mouse Click to Fire Off a Bomb!
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